Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bleeding Love

Supplies Needed:
Paint Shop Pro or something like it
Scrap kit Bleeding Love by Candy's Treats found here
Image tube of choice, I am using Anna Marine, found here

Lets get started!
This is a VERY simple and quick tut, so no worries...LOL

Open an new image 700X700 with white background.

Copy and paste frame7 as a new layer.

Copy and paste your image as a new layer, if you are using the same as I am, you may want to mirror the image. Place where you like and delete anything that sticks out below the frame.

Open glitterspill and resize by 70 percent, paste as a new layer above your white background. Duplicate as many times as needed until you have them where you like it. I used 4 layers for each corner.

Open flower7, resize by 60 percent, move up to the top left of the frame. See my tag for reference. Add a drop shadow.

Open stem3, paste as a new layer above your glitterspill layers, flip and paste at the top right of the frame. I deleted the ribbon that stuck out on the right  side of the frame, this is up to you.

Open redheart2 and paste as a new layer, move to the top right around where you just placed your stem3. See my tag for reference if needed.

You may add any other embellishments you like.

Add copyrights and your name.

Crop and resize if needed.

Save as a PNG.

Now you are all finished!!

Hope you had fun ~ I would love to see what you created using one of my tuts.