Saturday, February 19, 2011

French Kiss

Supplies Needed:
Paint Shop Pro 12 or something similar
Scrap Kit from Cinnamon Scraps called French Kiss, can be found here
Tube of your choice, I am using one from Ismael Rac which can be found here.
Mask WSL 219 or one of your liking.
My supplies download here (includes mask and glitter)

Remember to save often!

Open an new image 700x700, with white background.

Open frame1 (heart ribbon frame) and resize 90 percent.

Copy and paste into new image as a new layer.

Select a paper from the scrap kit, I used paper2.

Paste as a new layer below your heart frame.

Apply a mask of your choosing or use the same as I did.

Open glitter and paste as a new layer, move to your liking, duplicate, mirror flip and move to the other side, add drop shadow.

Paste tube as a new layer, erase anything on the bottom that sticks out below the ribbon frame.

Apply a drop shadow to your tube and heart ribbon.

Make sure you are on the tube layer and with your SELECT tool from the left side of the screen select the part of the tube you would like to stick out over the top of your frame.

Once you have that done right click on your selected part, and promote selection.

Move this layer above your heart frame. You should have something like I do, with the head sticking out over the frame.
(If you have another way of doing this feel free to do that instead, this is the easiest way I have found)

Now we are going to add the embellishments. You can go on your own and add those you
would like or you can use the same as I have listed below.

If you are not sure about placement use my tag as a reference.

Open embellishment, resize 60 percent, paste at the bottom of your tag, add drop shadow.

Open eiffeltower and resize to your liking, I did 60 percent, paste below your tube layer.

Open flower1, resize by 70 percent, and paste as a new layer, move to the left of the embellishment, see my tag for reference if not sure.

Duplicate flower and move to the right on top of the heart frame.

Duplicate flower once more, go to ADJUST-HUE AND SATURATION-COLORIZE, Hue set at 151 and Saturation sat to 18, move to the left and under red flower. check my tag for placement if not sure.

Open bow3, resize by 50 percent than by 80 percent, paste as a new layer and move to
the top right of the heart ribbon, see my tag for reference if not sure, add a drop shaddow.

Open jewelledflower, resize 30 percent, paste on top of bow3, add a drop shadow.

Open branches, resize 50 percent, go to rotate right then mirror and paste at the bottom below the embellishment layer, add a drop shadow.

Add copyrights and your name.

Crop to your liking if needed.

Save as a PNG.