Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pink Gothica

Well what can I say I am on a roll last two days, and I am going with it because we all know once it stops, the partys over! LOL
Anyhoo,  I thought it would be kool to use a FTU Tube from Scarlet Gothica! I love his work too! Here is Zipped Tube
Permission to use this tube is
You May use any tube of choice as well!
I am using a Freebie Scrap "Timeless Romance" over at
Addictive Pleasures.
The link is not available any longer
so I supplied the kit
Mask is WSL84 from Chelle
Font I used Cenobyte


I Sharpen and Drop Shadow Throughout
which is Optional

New Image> 700x700
Open Mask84>Minimize
Layers>New Mask Layer>From Image> hit your mask>ok
Layers> Merge> Merge Group
Foldingscreen-Resize500x500>Copy,Paste as New layer
Open your Tube- X out all Layers but Doll w/no dollies
Copy, Paste as shown in the Creation
I Sharpened this 2x
Now, X out that Tube Layer and Untick Small Dollie
Copy, Paste as Shown and also repeat Sharpen 2x
Last Tube Layer> X out Small Dollie> untick Large Doll
Copy, Paste to Left in the frame flush
Repeat Sharpening

We are on a Roll !!
Element Time!

Feather>Copy,Paste to Right behind Frame>Drop Shad>
Decor2-Resize 300x430> Place to Left Behind Frame> adjust to your preference>Duplicate layer> Sharpen and Dropshadow> I wanted it to look a lil thicker
Butterfly Cluster> Resize 300x236> Copy,Paste>Duplicate Layer
Mirror> Position like shown> Sharp> Dropshadow
Pink Sunflower>Copy,Paste behind frame top left as shown>Sharpen
Ribbonwrap-Resize 450x125>Place Sideways to the right> Sharpen>Dropshadow
Bow5-Resize 150x167>Right topOver ribbonwrap>Sharpen>Dropshadow
Doodle>Resize 300x196>Position behind Tube and sideways looking like mine or close anyways! lol
Butterfly-Resize 125x122>Sharpen>Dropshad> middle right
Fan-Resize 200x200 >position as shown, behind Tube and on an Angle
Leaves2-Resize 200x185> Copy<Paste Bottom Left as shown
Book2>Resize 200x134>Copy ,Paste as shown>Sharpen>Dropshad
Book1-Resize 200x153> repeat as above
Bag-Resize 150x175>Copy,Paste>Sharpen>Dropshad
Place on a lil angle over her Boot!
Add Copyright Information
Layers>Merge>Merge Visable>Sharpen
open your Font> add your Name!
All Finished! Fun Huh?
Thanks for tryig my tut friends!