Saturday, March 19, 2011

Love To Gossip


Template -Collab by Kaci and Marieke over at Creative Misfiys
Tube of Choice- I am using Keith Garvey which you need a license to us
over at PTE
Scrapkit- I am using a pretty FTU from Scraps By Jessica
Called "Gina" HERE
Mask- WSL84 From Chelle
Font - Nyala

Alright, Lets Open your Template
Duplicate so you can save original
Image>Canvas size>700x700

Red x the information on Template Layer

Bottom Rectangle- Paper 8-Resize 400x400>
Mimimize and click Patterns in your Material Pallette
Angle-0 Scale-72
Floodfill Tool<Fill Bottom Rec
Repeat for Top Rectangle -even though template says bottom again
 Its the top
Dark Gray Circle- Paper 16 minimize and Choose in yourMaterials> Patterns>
Floodill layer
Leave the dotted line same

Light Gray Circle-Paper 18>400x400> Minimize>choose in Materials> Patterns>
Laeve light Gray Rectangle as is

Words- Leave the Glitter>
Choose the Regular Words> I used forground as Black
abd Background HTML#ff4b50
Hit Gradient and choose Fore/Back color

Open you Tube- Copy>Paste into Frame> Duplicate Tube> Arrange your top 5 Layers a bit so it looks like mine>Erase a lil around bottom of both tubes to fit as shown

Bracelet-Resize 300x288>Paste to Right Bottom

Bling2- Resize 500x520>Paste Under Frame On Right>Duplicate Layer>Mirror>
I arranged a bit different on the left> Design optional

Heart 1-Resize 300x311> Paste Under Frame Upper Right>

Heart 4-Resize 150x175>Paste to left as shown

Butterfly 2-Resize 200x159>Paste Top Left as Shown

Butterfly4-Resize 150x113>Paste next to other Butterfly as Shown
Layers>Merge>Merge Visable

Now the Mask
Paper 17 >Copy>Paste as New layer
Layers>New Mask Layer>From Image
Choose your WSL84
Layers>Merge>Merge Group
Layers>Arrange> Send to Bottom
Add Your Copyright Info
Merge all your layers

Thank you for trying my Tutorial Today!!