Saturday, March 05, 2011

Sweet Pea

Scrap kit "Sweet Pea Add-On" from Rasberry Road Designs
I cannot find the freebie link anymore but I zipped up my Copy
Tube of Choice- I am Using Suzanne Woolcott, which you need a license
to use, and can get that
Mask of Choice - I am using a stencil -flowered mask which I am sorry dont know who made it, and if anyone knows ,please let me know so I can give that person credit for it
Font I am using is Dim Wit Gauche
Friendship Wordart by Daira at Creative Misfits
Pluggins-Filters Unlimited2
Color Effects for Word Art 

OK,Lets Begin

Open New Image 700x700

Open Mask and Minimize

Paper2-Resize 700x700>Copy and Paste New Layer
Layer>New Mask Layer>From Image> Click your Mask
Make sure that Invert Mask Data is checked and Source
Layers>Merge> Merge Group

Add on 29-Frame-Resize 500x500>Copy and Paste
Add on 22- We are gonna use this for inside the frame
No resizing>Copy and Paste>Sharpen>Dropshadow
Open Tube - Copy and Paste into Frame and Adjust so that the clothesline is
flush up to inside Frame on each side> Sharpen
Add on 10- Resize 150x436>Copy and Paste left of Frame
Layers>Duplicate>Mirror> Adjust as Shown
I erased about half of each stems so it looked better which is Optional
Sharpen both and Dropshadow
Add-on 11-Resize 300x135>Copy and Paste to Left of Frame>Layer> Duplicate and place opposite the other pod as shown above>
You may want to arrange it a lil smaller>Sharpen>Dropshadow
Add-on 12- Resize 200x558> Using Raster Deform Tool, adjust a lil smaller to liking
Layer>Duplicate> Place under Frame to Right
Add-on 13-Resize 300x499.Place under Pink Buds on Right> Sharpen>Dropshadow
 With addon 13 still open> Erase the Stem> Copy Paste to Left of Frame>
Bring to Top>Arrange as Shown> Sharpen and Dropshadow
Add-on 17-Resize 225x243> Arrange to Right of Frame>
Sharpen More> Dropshadow
Add-on 19-Resize 225x158> I placed at the Clothesline of the Tube
as Shown>Sharpen>Dropshadow
Add-on 26-Bow>Resize 150x47>place inbetween the pods
Layer>Duplicate>Place at left with flowers>Sharpen>Dropshadow
Add-on 9- Resize 100x265>Copy and Paste to Top Right> adjsut a lil smaller to fit>
Layer>Duplicate> Place another at bottom left as shown>Sharpen and Dropshadow
Add-on 16- Resize 200x114>Place at Bottom>Sharpen>Dropshadow
Layers>Merge >Merge Visable
Adjust your Tag Smaller to add your Word Art
Now open Your Wordart> I used my Filters Unlimited to change the colors but
if you dont have it the htm color code is
Background Color-#e46c87
Foreground Color-#5a7800

Now Add Your Word art at top

Add your Copyright Information
Layers>Merge>Merge Visable

Add your Name and you are done!
I hope you enjoyed my tut tonight ladies!!