Thursday, March 17, 2011

Unforgettable Love-PTU

This was a Beauty Creation!! I love how this came out
and am so happy to share it!

Scrapkit- I used another awesome kit from Felice called
"When a Man Loves a Woman" which is also on sale now and
can get 
Visit Felice's Blog too, she has some really great things happening there
along with some giveaways as well
Thank you Felice!!
Tube of Choice- I am using Jennifer Janesko, which you need a license
to use. You can get her tubes over at CDO
Mask- WSL84 I know always use this mask its a ritual with me! lol
Grab it over at Chelle's Site
Font- Aquarelle

OK lets get this goin!!

Open New Image 700x700
Open Mask and Minimize

Paper- Heart Swirl> Copy>Paste as New layer
Layers>New Mask Layer> From Image> choose WSL84
Layers>Merge>Merge Group

Frame-Purple Heart> Resize 500x500>Paste as New Layer

Paper-Love Letter- Resize 400x400>paste into frame and arrange so the letter is in center> Deform Tool> Erase anything outside the Frame>Sharpen>Dropshadow

Open Tube- Paste into Frame>Arrange as shown>Erase any left at bottom>
Layers>Duplicate> Repeat erasing any left at bottom>

Bouquet Element- Resize 450x630>
"I decided to place this Behind the tube which looks so kool!"
Place as shown> Sharpen>Dropshadow

Purple Ribbon- Resize 350x529>Place to Right Behind Frame

Green Leaf Branch-Resize 250x493>Paste to Left Behind frame

Purple Leaves-Resize 250x500>Place to Left top behind Frame

Rose1-Resize 200x439>Place Behind the Green Branch as shown>
Layers>Duplicate> Place as shown

Purple Net-Resize 250x311>Paste on Right top Over the ribbon>
Arrange so it looks like above>Sharpen

Necklace-Resize 250x255>Paste over the Net> Erase the String so its as Shown
Sharpen More on this one

Perfume Bottle- Resize 200x200> Paste to the Right under the Ribbon
as shown> Sharpen

Love Songs Record-Resize 250x250>Paste at bottom over Ribbon
Under bouquet as shown>Sharpen

Glitter Heart-Resize 100x100>place at the end of Ribbon

Vintage Purse- Resize 100x245>Paste to Left as shown

First Class Tickets- Resize 250x188> Place in front of purse>
Arrange as shown>Sharpen>Dropshadow

Rose petals>Resize 250x294>Place at bottom>Layer Duplicate>
Place to the bottom on right>Sharpen both

Add Your Copyright Information
Layers>Merge>Merge Visable!

 There you have it!
Thank you for trying this tutorial!!