Friday, April 01, 2011


Written by Gwenda on March 31st 2011
Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental

You will need:

Font of choice – I used CAC Pinafore, FTU font found

Mini scrapkit called Sea life
This a FTU kit from Cajoline at

Tube of choice. I used one by Gary George. His work can be found at

Mask of choice – I used WSL218

Open new canvas 700 x 700. Fill white

El 2 Resize 80%. Move as far right as you can, and up. Dropshadow

Décor resize 15%
Click in centre of frame - selections – modify – expand by 10
Layers – new raster layer. Paste Décor into selection. Deselect
Move layer under frame, and sharpen.

Add tube. Dropshadow

El 10 resize 20%. Sharpen

 El 9 resize 40%. Sharpen

El 4 resize 30%. Sharpen

El 7 resize 30%. Sharpen

El 5 resize 30% then 40%. Sharpen. Duplicate, mirror & resize as you like. Place where desired.

El 1 resize 50%. Paste over background layer, top right. Free rotate left 15 Sharpen. Duplicate – mirror – flip and move to the left more.

El 8 resize 50%. Sharpen

Dropshadow all elements.

Open Décor again. Resize 40% then 50%.
Layers – new raster layer - Selections – select all
Paste Décor into selection. Deselect.

Erase most of sky so umbrellas are no longer there, but leave the horizon line.
New raster layer under this and fill with #959ec8
Merge these 2 layers together.
Duplicate and close off bottom one for now.

On top copy apply mask WSL218. Merge group.
(Note – don’t stretch mask out to sides, as it will distort the horizon)

Close this mask layer off for now.

Open bottom copy of Décor, and delete all except for the sand part. Move this up about half an inch from the bottom of the canvas and apply same mask as before.
Merge group.
Move down the canvas, and to the right. I erased the squarish looking bit on the right using a soft fuzz eraser setting so it looked a little better.

Open the other mask, Close off Background and merge visible

Crop & resize if desired.

Add copyrights and name.