Monday, May 23, 2011


Written by Gwenda on May 23rd 2011
Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental

You will need:

Font of choice – I used Mandingo, found

Tropical Dreams scrapkit by Fantasy Dreams Designzs FTU found

Tube of choice. I used Lena by Elias Chatzoudis. His work can be found at

Dropshadow as you go.

New Canvas 700 x 700 and floodfill white

FG Null. BG #f8b2cb or a colour from your tube
Draw preset shape. I used Altemus Borders 4q.
Centre on canvas and convert to raster.
Apply Xero fritillary  6   30   10   39.

Paste close up of tube and position as desired over shape. Set opacity at 70%
Click on fritillary shape. Selections – select all – float – defloat. Selections – invert. Click on tube and hit delete.
Click back on fritillary shape – selections – invert.
Selections modify – expand by 4
Layers – new raster layer. Fill with black.

Click on fritillary shape. Selections – select all – float – defloat. Selections – invert.
Click on black shape and hit delete. Deselect.  Dropshadow this frame.

Close white background and merge visible.
Re-open background.

El91 (ribbon vine) – Resize 95%. Free rotate left 90. Rename RIBBON 1
Duplicate – mirror. Rename this RIBBON 2
Duplicate Ribbon 2. Free rotate left 30. Resize 95%. Sharpen.
Rename this RIBBON 3.
Duplicate ribbon 3 – mirror. Rename this RIBBON 4

Duplicate ribbon 3 again. Rename this RIBBON 5
Free rotate left 30. Resize 95%. Sharpen, and move down.
Duplicate – mirror. Rename this RIBBON 6

Duplicate ribbon 2 again. Rename RIBBON 7.
Free rotate left 90. Sharpen, move down.
Duplicate – mirror. Rename this RIBBON 8.
Erase the bit sticking out to the left, and merge ribbons 7 & 8 to one layer.
Move this layer up above the shape. Dropshadow.

I went through and erased all the stalks sticking out the bottom at this point.

Close white background, shape, and ribbon 7&8 layer, and merge visible. Add dropshadow.
Re-open all layers.

Paste your main tube. Mirror and move to the right. Dropshadow

El72 (mouse) – Resize 40%. Mirror. Paste above shape layer, peeking out from behind tube. Sharpen & dropshadow.

El38 (pink flower) – Paste over background layer in top left corner. Duplicate – mirror and merge the 2 together.

Adjust blur – Gaussian 6

Add fritillary with same settings as before.
Move up to top.
Duplicate – flip and merge both together. Change opacity to 40% and re-apply fritillary.

El53 (flower stalk)  – Resize 60% then 70%. Free rotate left 45. Sharpen. Duplicate and resize this copy another 80%. Duplicate this once more and position as desired. Dropshadow

El96 & El97 (Butterflies) – Resize 50% twice. Mirror one. Sharpen.
(I didn’t dropshadow the butterflies)
Add any other embellishments of choice.

Crop & resize if desired.

Add copyrights and name.