Saturday, February 19, 2011

Luck Has Nothing To Do With It

Supplies Needed:
Paint Shop Pro 12 or something like it.
Tube of choice, I am using one from Ismael Rac, you can find them here.
(I am using 2 different size tubes)
Lacarolita Template #6 here.
With A Little Luck Scrap Kit from Bits N Bobs found here - Color Dot
WSL mask4 or one of your own.
My Supplies - here (word art and mask).

Don't forget to save often!

Lets begin!
Open up the template, resize canvas 700 by 700 to give up some room to work.

Delete the credits (top layer).

Select raster 1, go to select all, float, defloat.

Choose a paper to your liking (I used paper4), paste as a new layer, go to invert and hit delete on your key board.

Delete the template copy.

Repeat the above steps until you have all the template layers replaced with papers.

On the inside frame layer I applied - Color Dot on defalt settings.

Once you are finished with the papers apply drop shadows to all layers except for the papers inside the frames.

Open your larger (close up) tube and paste as a new layer below your frame layer.

Delete anything that sticks out from the frame.

Repeat this for the remaining 2 frames using different parts of your tube.

Apply a drop shadow to the tube layers.

I changed my blend mode to Luminance (legacy) on all tube layers, you can mess around with this and see what you like best.

Time to add the mask, make a gradient from your tube or the papers used in the template.

I used 2 colors from my frame.

Set Angle to 45 and Repeat to 2.

Add a new layer above the white background, flood fill this layer with your gradient.

Apply mask, and merge group when done.

I resized my mask a little bit, you may need to do this also depending on what mask you used.

Open up your smaller tube and paste it as a new layer, move to where you like it, apply a drop shadow.

Now we are going to add the elements.

You can either add your own or use the ones I did below.

Open WALL4 and resize by 50 percent, paste above the mask layer and move to the left top corner, see my tag for reference of needed.

Duplicate this layer and move to the right lower corner.

Open WALL2 and resize by 50 percent and paste as a new layer, flip and move to the lower left corner, drop shadow.

Duplicate and move to the upper right corner, drop shadow.

Open WALL1 and resize 60 percent, paste as a new layer and move to the bottom left, see my tag for reference if needed, drop shadow.

Duplicate, mirror and flip the flower layer (WALL1).

Open WALL16, resize and paste as a new layer, move to your liking, duplicate as many as you want and place at different places.

Paste the word art as a new layer, move to were you like it, or place at the bottom like I did.

Add copyrights and your name

Crop if needed and save as a PNG.