Monday, March 21, 2011


Written by Gwenda on March 21st  2011
Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental

You will need:

Font of choice – I used Forte

Template FD11 by Fanzy Designz. Can be downloaded from

Scrapkit called Eggstravaganza.
This is a FTU kit from Monica at Simply Sensational Scraps at

Tube of choice. I used Easter2011 by Keith Garvey. His work can be found at
Mask of choice – I used WSL274

Open template copy and close original.  Make canvas size 700x700.
Fill Background with white.

I delete all template layers as I go

Layer – new raster layer. Selections – select all. Paste paper 9 into selection. Deselect.
Apply WSL mask 274

 Paper 4  Click Mat 1 – selections select all – float – defloat. New raster layer and paste paper 4 into selection.

Repeat the above for Mat 2 and Mat 3 layers.

Copy & paste tube over Mat 2 paper. Duplicate and mirror. Move these tubes so various parts are showing in the squares. Erase excess and dropshadow both.

On each tube layer go to effects – texture effects – blinds, set at W 3, Op 40, Colour  #a3454f  ( or a darkish colour from your tube ). Both boxes checked.
Merge each tube down to the paper layer.

Paper 12 resize 90% and paste under Tall Oval. Click oval selections select all – float – defloat. Selection invert, then click on the paper and hit delete.

Fill the other layers in the same way. I used

Wide oval – Paper 2 ( Do NOT resize )
Middle Oval – Paper 6 resize 90%
Oval Frame – Paper 10 resize 90%

For each of the oval layers do the following:
selections select all – float – defloat – selections – modify – expand 4 – layers – new raster layer – fill white – deselect.
Move each white layer below it’s own oval DO NOT MERGE DOWN.

Apply inner bevel to each of the pink ovals. I used:
Profile 2, w 12,  sm 9, d 3, Amb 44, shine 0, Angle 45,  Intensity 30, Elev 35

Dropshadow the WHITE layer for each

Paper 18 rotate right 90. resize 40% ( Yip – 40! )
Paste under frame 3 and move so it is centred. You want to get most of the white decoration on the frame.
Click on frame 3 selections select all – float – defloat – invert. Click on paper and delete. Deselect.

Click on the pink frame you just created and go to effects – edge effects – enhance.

Repeat this for the other 2 frames, but don’t rotate the paper. Dropshadow all 3

Paste tube as top layer, making sure it sits slightly below the bottom of the pink oval frame. Dropshadow tube

Click on pink oval frame selections select all – float – defloat – invert. Click on top, and erase any overhang at the bottom. Deselect

Embellishments – add as you like. Dropshadow all
I used:
Flower doodle 2 – resize 75%. Place over white background bottom left. Flip – duplicate- mirror. Dropshadow.

Bow 6 – resize 50%

Basket 2 – resize 70%

Tag 2 – resize 70% erase part of string over basket handle

Chicken 2 – resize 70%. Sharpen

Chicken 4 – resize 60%. Mirror. Sharpen

Egg 5 – resize 60% then 85%. Free rotate left 15. Sharpen

Egg 8 – resize 60% then 85%. Sharpen

Egg 2 – resize 55% then 85%. Free rotate right 15. Sharpen

  Butterfly 2 – resize 50% . Duplicate, mirror & resize 85%

Rabbit 4 – resize 75% then 90%.

Crop & resize if desired.

Add copyrights and name.