Thursday, March 03, 2011

Moody Blues-PTU

I love to buy Scrapkits!
This Kit was very pretty called "Bad Day Blues"
Created by Kristen Cronin-Barrow
You can Purchase over at Sweet Shoppe Designs

Tube of Choice
 I am using  the art of Steve Baier, which you need a License to Use
over at Up Your Art
 I am using Chelles WSL152
Felix Titling

Lets Begin
Open New Image 700x700
Open your Mask>Minimize
Paper 9- Resize.700x700>Copy-Paste New Image
Layers>New Mask Layer>From Image>Select your WSL152>
Layers>Merge>Merge Group>Sharpen>Dropshadow Optional
Frame 3- Resize-450x450>Copy>Paste as New Layer>Sharpen
Paper4-Resize 450x450>Place Under Frame>Erase Any Left over Outside Frame
Sharpen is Optional

Tube-Open tube>Copy>Paste> Inside Frame
Move your Tube so you have it a lil Higher above the Frame
Layer>Duplicate> Move layer to Top> Erase any Excess at bottom
 and should look like my Creation shown>Sharpen


Blingscatter-Resize 455x155>Turn it sideways long ways>Copy>Paste
to the Left of Frame> Layers>Duplicate>Move that one to the Right of Frame
Branches- Resize 450x261>PLace Under Frame at top>layers>Duplicate>Mirror>
Sharpen >Dropshadow
Butterflies-Resize 300x335>Place Layer under Frame as Shown to Left
Flower- Resize 175x168>Copy >Paste as New Layer>Place at Bottom
FallingLeaves2- Resize 175x438>Copy>Paste>Move Layer Under Frame as Shown
Leaf2Silver- Resixe 300x365>Copy>Paste Under Frame> Place to Left as shown
Layers.Duplicate>Mirror>Put that to the Right as Shown
Moody Label-Resize 256x89>Place at Bottom Right as Shown
Sharpen> Dropshadow
Now Open up again your Blingscatter Element- Res same 455x155>
Position Below the fame at Bottom to your Satisfaction.
Add Your Copyright Information
Layers>Merge> Merge Visable
Sharpen>Dropshadow Optional
 Your done!
Save your Original > Then add your name!

Thank you all for Trying my Tutorial! I hope you have a great Evening!