Friday, February 25, 2011

Naughty Girl

Tube of Choice. I am using Tim Lowery "Teachers Pet" which you need a license to use and can get over at PTE
Scrapkit of choice, I am using a beautiful FTU kit called "Platnium"
by Scraps by Jessica, thanks Jess!
Template 202 by Blistfully Beth
Mask84 by Chelle over at WSL
Font I used was Seaside Resort

Okey Dokey lets Begin!
Open your Template>Duplicate Window>Close out original
Image>Resize 700x566
Image>Canvas Size>700x700
This will give you room to work
Red x your Credits and Background
On your Layer Palette, X out the Stars
Pink Rec 3-Highlight> Open Paper 9> Resize 400x400
Click Foreground on Materials Pallette>Patterns>and Click Paper 9
Floodfill Tool>Fill Rec 3
Pink Rec 2>Repeat same as Rec 3>I Sharpen both
Pink Rec-Paper 13>Resize 400x400
Foreground>Patterns>Floodfill tool
Glitter Frame>Highlight>open Paper 5>Resize 350x350
Foreground>Patterns>Floodfill using that pattern and Sharpen
White Circle>Paper 6>Resize 400x400>Foreground>Patterns
Floodfill with that paper
Black Circle Frame>Floodfill with White>Add Noise>Sharpen
Naughty and 100%- Floodfill White>Sharpen>Dropshadow or if you have pluggins I used Color Booster to enhance.

Open your Tube of choice and Copy n Paste as New layer>Bring to the top

Open Scrapkit
Geometric Rectangle>Copy, Paste as New Layer>Send to Bottom
Sharpen More> Now Dupicate Layer>Flip> Mirror> Drop shadow if you want

Lips1-Copy, Paste into frame
Hooker Heels>Resize 200x154>adjust into frame
PC Shades>Resize 125x46>Copy,Paste
Bow3-Resize 175x108>Copy,Paste Behind tube Top Left
Bling Star Trail>Resize400x407>Place at Bottom over Geometric Rec>
Sharpen More>Drop Shadow
PC Butterfly-Resize 50x35>Duplicte Layer> place inside the Circle>Sharpen
PC Charm2-Copy,Paste>Adjust to left of frame
PC Flower2-Resize 200x201>Duplicatex3 and the last duplicate arrange a lil smaller as shown>Place Layers Under Frame>Sharpen
PC Staple1-Copy,Paste under Tube>Sharpen
Bead1-Copy,Paste>Duplicate and palce on each side of Staple
RetroLamp-Copy,Paste behind Frame as shown>Sharpen>Dropshadow

Ok almost done! Layers>Merge>Merge Visible
Open your mask and minimize it
Paper 12>Resize 700x700>Copy Paste as New layer
Layers>New Mask Layer>From Image> choose WSL84
Layers>Merge>Merge Group
Layers>Send to Bottom
Add Copyright information
Now Merge again>Layers>Merge>Merge Visable
Add Your Name and your done!
Hope you enjoyed this Tutorial